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Bilbao – 1989

My name is Marina Gondra and my work consists in creating stories throught my images. My camera and Photoshopt are my greatest allies. Photography has been the best hobby I could ever have during my adolescence. I never thought that what I like doing the most in my life could end up being my way of life. Until now. I can say that I dedicate to photography by pure passion, because I cannot live without it, and it would be really difficult being happy without a camera between my hands.

Through my images you could dare to daydream, dive into the best of your dreams or your worst nightmares, and laught again as a child.

Some say that my photographs are childish, and I say to them there’s nothing purer and  more creative creative than the mind of a child. I wish we’d never grow up.

I sift through my earliest memories, in the deepest dreams I look for inspiration, and here I show you the result. I hope you live a great adventure through my images!


PhotoFestival Málaga (Mijas) – Noviembre 2013
Asociación de fotografía Nosolofoto (Santurtzi) – Junio 2013


Getxoarte – Bar Ravens (Algorta) – Octubre 2013
GetxoPhoto – Septiembre 2013
SestaoPhoto / Proyecciones  “Sueños e Irrealidades” – Abril 2013
Bar Bissot Tabata (Santurtzi)  “Sueños e Irrealidades” – Septiembre y Octubre 2013
Hotel Carlton (Bilbao) – Septiembre 2012
Apetit Gallery (Bilbao) – Julio 2012
Palacio de los Deportes de Bilbao “La Bella Durmiente” – Diciembre 2010

Contests and Mentions:

Primer Premio Calendario BBK JOVEN – 2011
Finalista Mensual National Geographic – 2011
Primer Premio Foto Natura
– 2008